University of Missouri vs. Texas Tech-Homecoming, photo by Jim Ross via Flickr, CC BY-2.0


If you’re a true University of Missouri football fan, then you probably can never get enough news and updates from the team. We know we’re always checking for updates before the weekly game online.

Twitter is one of our favorite places to hear directly from the team, the coach, and a variety of other sports commentators. Plus, it’s fun to tweet during the game or follow #Mizzou to see what others are saying.

Here’s a list of a few accounts we recommend for any University of Missouri football fan!



The sports section of the University of Missouri’s student newspaper, @TheManeater.

Get your sports updates directly from the student newspaper. They cover all MU sports, including football, and post a number of good pictures so you can get a glimpse or scroll back through to check out the game. They also link to sports articles in The Maneater newspaper for additional reading!



The #MizzouMade program promotes excellence by developing and enhancing the S-A experience through the collaborative efforts of the entire Mizzou Athletics Dept.

This account provides updates from the Missouri Athletics Department, so you can hear official posts from the top leadership themselves. They also cover all different sports, including football, and post a variety of school spirit and inspirational content to get you pumped up for game day!



Official Twitter account of the Southeastern Conference. #ItJustMeansMore

Of course, since Missouri is in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), you should keep an eye on this account for updates across the conference. They also announce the game times and which TV networks will be showing the games.



Official Twitter Account of @MizzouFootball Head Coach Barry Odom

It’s always cool to see special game day or on-the-field pictures from Coach Odom, so be sure to follow him on Twitter, as well. The coach retweets a number of good articles that are good reads for any Missouri fan, and it’s fun to follow along with the conversations between him and other coaches, staff, and fans.



Official Twitter account of, covering Missouri for Yahoo! and Get all your news on the Tigers right here 365 days a year.

Power Mizzou is a good account to follow to get news from outside of the university’s official accounts. If you want to know what others are saying about the Tigers around the league, watch this account for updates from their sports commentators., its parent site, also has a lot of news on other college teams and sports.


If you’re looking for more MU sports social media, check out this directory of all official MU Tigers accounts:

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